Friday, February 24, 2012

Anggun Cipta Sasmi

Anggun C Sasmi: “I was born in a Muslim country. I am Muslim. But I’m very concerned that my country is becoming backward in this way. Because Islam is known as a tolerant religion. I don’t support countries that frustrate the young generation”.

Her birthname is Anggun Cipta Sasmi but usually called Anggun. Was born in Jakarta on April 29, 1974. She was educated in Catholic schools and grew up in Jogjakarta.

The second child and first daughter of Darto Singo—a Javanese artist -- and Dien Herdina—from a noble Javanese famly--become an entertainer made her success.

At age 12, with Ian Antono, an Indonesian famous producer, Anggun started to release her first rock album titled "Dunia Aku Punya" which being the beginning of her success. Anggun's fame reached its peak when the release of her 1990 singles, "Mimpi" and "Tua Tua Keladi" which gave her "The Most Popular Indonesian Artist 1990-1991". These singles were massive hits in Indonesia, peaking at number one for one month and cemented Anggun's position as one of Indonesia's most popular singers. The following singles such as "Takut", "Laba Laba", "Bojoku" and others got the same attention and made a long list of her successful 1990s rock singles. Her next albums, "Anak Putih Abu Abu" (1991) and "Nocturno" (1992) more established her name as the most famous rock star with albums sales over millions copies at that era.

She decided to pursue an international career and left Indonesia in 1994. Anggun moved to UK but in this country her career as a singer didn’t succeed then she moved to the Netherlands but the same, she failed then changed her mind to move to France and met producer Erick Benzi, who later helped her sign a record deal with Sony Music France and recorded her first French album, Au Nom de la Lune, in 1996. In late 1997, Anggun made a history for being the first Asian artist to break into international music scene by released her first international album "Snow on the Sahara" in Europe, Asia, and America. This album produced her biggest worldwide hit to date, "Snow on the Sahara".

To date, Anggun has sold approximately 3 million copies of records worldwide and has become the most successful Asian artist outside Asia. Her success has spread throughout Europe as well as several parts of Asia.


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