Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Profile Afgan Syah Reza Indonesian Singer

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Afgan Syah Reza was born in Jakarta on May 27, 1989. He is the second child from four all together. His father is Loyd Yahya and his mother is Lola Purnama.

He was a student of University of Indonesia in Economic faculty. When with his friends visited WannaB Instant Recording Studio, they sang and recorded it in CD as a private collection. But then the producer of WannaB offered him to make a record and was succesful got high attention from the radio and TV in Indonesia.

In 2009, Indonesia Music Award chose Afgan as the best male singer. The song he sang is Terima Kasih Cinta.
Let me color your life, Friendster, Twitter Official Blog Afgan. Afgan Genre are Pop, Soul, R&B, Jazz.

Here is what he write in Facebook :

Afgan's Messages

It’s not only who you are that really matters, it’s about how you share what you most gifted to all the people for happines

My goal is to make a difference and to be acknowledged in the music industry as genuine as possible –to who really am

My passion for singin comes from all the people who have the heart for music and wish they can have the same excitement and dedication as I do and willing to share it with me

I still have work on my performance skills. I’m into that process. When I come out to perform I want to give all the people a great music vibe and always wish to give all the best performance I could

I’m so excited to be having this opportunity skills wish for people to anticipate on my songs and singing

I’m still in my early stage of trying to make my own music and I’m pretty convinced that I hava the capacity for that

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