Friday, January 9, 2009

Deddy Mizwar

Do you still remember “Naga Bonar”? a pickpocket of village-class in North Sumatra, who lived during the war of independence. Although was a pickpocket, he had a high nationalism and loved and was afraid of her mother.

He joined the youth and battled against the Netherlands, while of course still occasionally picked. The end of the story, he eventually became a successful general, General Nagabonar.

Naga Bonar. Who knows that someday he will be a Film Director and the Chairman of the Board of the National film Considerations period 2006-2009.

He is Deddy Mizwar. He was born in Jakarta, Mart 5, 1955. His parents are H. Adrian Andres and Sun'ah, married 1948. His wife is Giselawaty Wiranegara and his children are : Senandung Nacita and Zulfikar Rakita.

He founded a production house “PT Demi Gisela Citra Sinema”( 1996 ) . It produced TV serial "Mat Angin", and then followed with serial Ramadan "Lorong Waktu", "Demi Masa", "Kiamat Sudah Dekat”, Para Pencari Tuhan”.

In all the titles, Deddy Mizwar act as producers, actors and the directors. At the moment he is more concistent to product some religious and comedy TV serials.

Source : Wikipedia. Tokoh Indonesia Dot Com

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