Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Iwan Fals

Umar Bakri is a name of a teacher who taught his students must be better than himself. He is a simple teacher. Went teaching by bicycle, never asked what he gave even was a civil servant.

Above is a description about teachers in Indonesia of Iwan fals. People know Iwan Fals as a protest singer. There was no a singer as brave as him in era 1980.

Bang Iwan—his fans usually call him, was born as Virgiawan Listanto on September 3, 1961. He married Rosanna and has three children. They are Galang Rambu Anarki—died on April 1997, Annisa Cikal Rambu Basae and the youngest is Rayya Rambu Robbani.

The best of Iwan Fals is his abilities in hearing the sounds of people in the real life, making them in some lyrics, mixing them with his handy fingers aroud his guitars. Guess…! The result is everyone will be hypnotized by hearing his songs.

Remaining consistent with his styles, remaining close to the reality of life are the hopes of his fans.

Who else can state the truth when you don’t appear, bang Iwan?

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