Sunday, May 9, 2010

Illusionist Demian Aditya Biography

"Aditya Prambudhi" well known as "Demian the Indonesian Illusionist" was born in Tegal, Central Java, Indonesia on June 19, 1980.

He loves magic since he was in the 6th grade of the elementary school and learnt autodidact.

In 2002 he committed to be a profesional.
Demian has a team to support his performance. The team consist of 6 people. They are managers, stage director, music director, responsible for the illusion, and two technical matters. This team knows all the secrets of Demian's magic, but it was bound to the agreement not to divulge.

On December 19, 2008 he married Yulia Rahman an infotainment presenter. On friday october 23, 2009 his wife, Yulia born a baby in Medistra Gatot Soebroto Hospital. The baby's weight is 3.6 kg and length 52 cm, name Kiandra Aldya Arka.

On December 22, he opened Demian's Magic Academy in Jogjakarta cooperate with Primagama. There are four levels and for one level there will be as many as ten meetings each month. Fee charged is Rp. 845 thousand per level.

Do The Magic With Demian And D'Four is Demian first book. "The book reveal about magic but we should not expose the trick, if it hurt other people", Demian said.

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