Friday, May 14, 2010

Profile Aziz Gagap Opera Van Java

Aziz Gagap is a nickname of Muhammad Aziz, a famous comedian in Opera Van Java. Aziz Gagap was born in Jakarta on december 22, 1973.

Aziz Gagap started his career as a comedian in 1991 as a Lenong Actor "Gaya Baru". But because the segmen of his performance was just for local, it did not support his life.

In 1999, Aziz Gagap joined Bagito Group in a TVRI program named "Paviliun 21". "The Gagap" suffix at the end of his name was started when scenario writer of Bagito Group made an audition.


In 2008, was the first sign of his famous. Aziz joined Opera Van Java, a comedian TV Program. At first, he was a guest star but then became a member of Opera Van Java Personel up to now.


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