Monday, September 26, 2011

Biography Briptu Norman Kamaru Chaiyya Chaiyya

On Mart 29, 2011,Briptu Norman Kamaru showed in Youtube. The Video title is "Polisi Gorontalo Menggila". Chaiyya Chaiyya was the song he sang. Imitated his favorite India actor Shahrukh Khan. Who knows that this is the beginning time for Briptu Norman became famous.

Briptu Norman Kamaru was born on November 27 in 1985. His father is Idris Kamaru and his mother is Halimah Martinus. He is the youngest in the family. There are nine of them all together.

Briptu Norman is a police officer, Mobile Brigade in Polda Gorontalo. See the Youtube video that made Norman became an Indonesian famous police officer here.

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