Thursday, October 13, 2011

Profile Karni Ilyas Bang One

Karni Ilyas began his career as a journalist for the daily Suara Karya in 1972.
He then moved to Tempo magazine from 1978 to occupy the position as Managing Editor.
His skill in the field of law making Karni was assigned to lead the Forum Magazine in the next year he holds the position as Commissioner of the magazine.

He led Liputan 6 SCTV since the year 1996-2005.
On television he found the new world that was incredible for him. He was encouraged when dealing with the news deadline that could arise at any time. The new world is the reason it has the power of television jargon that is speed, speed, and speed.
Within just six years, he managed to deliver Liputan 6 SCTV became the leading news program in Indonesia.

Karni moved to Anteve in 2005. At this station, Karni served as Director of Coverage or the chief editor of news and sports.

Karni Ilyas was born in Bukittinggi, West Sumatra, September 25, 1952. Karni was graduated of the Faculty of Law University of Indonesia.

Bang One is the mascot of the private television station, TV One. First appeared on March 4, 2008.

Bang One is the embodiment of the aspirations of the people who criticize the government policy from an objective viewpoint. Look short and fat with his face decorated by a mustache and glasses as well as her trademark a distinctive voice filled by the chief editor, TV One Karni Ilyas.

At the moment, the famous TV show in TV One is Jakarta Lawyers Club that Karni Ilyas as the presenter.


  1. Salut buat bang Karni Ilyas, TV One jadi maju berkembang dan ditunggu oleh pemirsanya.

  2. yang terhormat Bapak Karni Ilyas, Mohon kiranya Proses Pembayaran Tunjangan Sertifikasi Guru Di Jadikan Topik Pembahasan di TV ONE, Tolong di Resapi Perasaan dan Nurani Kami, Pendapatan Tinggi diatas Kertas tapi Hidup tak Layak, Pembayaran terlambat Nominal Tidak sama yang diterima walau golongan sama, masa kerja sama, mau maunya saja Pemerintah Kota,